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Studying other Poker Variations

The world of poker evolves at a very rapid rate these days and that effectively makes much of the older literature and advice too dated to be of any real use. One such piece of advice is in how you should diversify with regards to the games that you become proficient in. Years ago when […]

Having a Plan in Poker

I have always felt that in life there is too much need for immediate results. This is fine to a certain extent but in many cases immediate good results are simply not possible and good results cannot be guaranteed or controlled. These days I think you are far better off playing poker part-time and semi-professionally […]

How to play suited connectors

Many cash game players like hands like suited connectors along the lines of say 9-8s. They know that they can make big hands with them like flushes and straights. But in order to play these types of hands well then you have to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses in all sorts of scenarios. […]

How to play pocket pairs

I think an awful lot of player misplay pocket pairs against a raise but the way to correct that problem is to use a basic rule of thumb used by many strong no limit Texas hold’em players. Let us say that it has been raised by an early position player in a $1-$2 ring game. […]

The SNIPER professional poker coaching and staking partnership

My name is Carl Sampson and a few of you may be already aware of my pen name of “The Dean” as I have authored several books on gambling and written for numerous main poker magazines in the past like the WPT and Bluff Europe and hundreds of websites. I am currently a poker pro […]

Using a bankroll in online poker

I have heard many people down the years go on about how bankroll management is the be all and end all of online poker and poker in general in cash games at sites like 888poker. This is both true and wrong in equal measure. No amount of bankroll control can turn a weak poker player […]

Be aware of your opponent’s HUD

These days many of your online poker opponents at 888poker will be using tracker programs with HUDS. However in my experience then most players either do not interpret this data correctly or through laziness do not delve into it deeply enough. There are lots of knock on effects to using a HUD and one such […]

So You Want to Gamble?

When you go to casino or online card room like 888poker, whether it is a brick and mortar casino or an online gambling site, you will see a whole plethora of games that are available for you to play. You would think that all of these gambling games are the same. But this actually not […]

Poker is Gambling at the end of the day…..almost!

When playing poker at online sites such as 888poker  , the more astute players will realize that the game is like a branching path. It starts at a beginning point and eventually branches out from there. What this means is that when you encounter a problem in your game, do not try to locate the fault […]

The Sniper Professional Poker System

I would now like to announce a project that I have been working on for quite some time in connection with Poker Pro Europe and Online Poker Pro magazines that I currently write for. This is “Project Poker Pro” or in other words, a coaching program that is designed by me to try and bring […]

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