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Sky Poker – A Great Gambling Site!

I’m one of those people, and there are millions of us, who like to gamble in real, brick and mortar casinos. In my case that means Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or the New Orleans region and the gulf coast of the USA. But, truth be told, in recent years I’ve discovered some pretty amazing web […]

Beat The Blues With Bingo

If you’re feeling down in the dumps and you need to do something to cheer yourself up then consider a spot of online bingo. Why? Well, the ways in which bingo can cheer you up are many. Read on to find out more. Making new friends One of the biggest ways in which online bingo […]

Britain’s Got Talent Finalist helps open new bingo hall

It is always an exciting occasion when a new bingo hall is opened. Those involved make the most out of it and it is a celebration for everyone. This has certainly been the case for the launch of a new Wood Green Bingo Hall on Lordship Lane. Those looking at Free Bingo Sites note how the […]

Charity benefits from bingo win

A Forces charity has benefited from a bingo win this week as a new hall in South Shields handed over £3,000 to Help for Heroes. Marking the changeover from Majestic to Gala Bingo, the donation was made instead of paying a Celebrity to attend the opening of the new establishment.

Why Women Enjoy Bingo

Women tend to be more social than men, so bingo makes a great pastime. Men generally have no problem going to pubs on their own and propping up the bar, while women will usually only go out in pairs. If you get invited to a dinner party, it’s a pound to a penny that it’s […]

What’s it Like to Win Playing Jackpotjoy Bingo?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to win thousands of pounds just by playing your favorite online bingo game? Here’s what some of the recent big Jackpotjoy bingo winners had to say about their cash wins: When Jackpotjoy Bingo celebrated its 7th Birthday there were loads of big Star Jackpots up for grabs […]

Online Bingo

Online Bingo Why are thousands of Brits getting online and playing bingo – because it’s the coolest way to have a social life without credit crunching expense. Check it out and get gaming without spending a penny………. Bingo – the ultimate in gaming simplicity! It’s not surprising bingo’s always been the world’s most popular and […]

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