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Update on California’s Internet Gambling Bills: The Debate Continues

So, California is still broke, right? Solution? Internet gambling legalization, for one thing. Not that it would solve the state’s pathetic financial situation. But it sure would help. A little. Bills to legalize online gambling are likely headed for another year of debate. A few bills have already been around for a couple of years. […]

New Jersey Lawmakers to U.S. Courts: We Have the Right to Conduct Internet Gambling

New Jersey lawmakers are telling the US Department of Justice that their state has every right to enact intra-state Internet gambling, and that their efforts are permitted under current federal law. In a letter to US Attorney-General Eric Holder, NJ Senator Raymond J. Lesniak – one of the sponsors of New Jersey’s proposed sports betting […]

It’s a New World in Vegas: Fewer Casino Floor Supervisors, And More Surveillance Technology

It was inevitable, I suppose. Even casinos are laying off people…in Vegas (it has been a given in Atlantic City). But it is somewhat surprising that floor supervisors, who after all… are there to watch over theft and cheating… are being laid off. No doubt (if you’ve been to Vegas recently) there are fewer suits hovering […]

Minnesota Budget Stalemate: Legislators Wonder…is More Legalized Gambling the Answer?

As much as state legislators like to steer clear of gambling as the answer to all budgetary messes…Minnesota legislators, who are locked in a battle with the Governor (the state has closed down) are thinking about expanding gambling…to (what else?) bring in more capital. A Minnesota Capitol undercurrent for months has suggested gambling as a […]

Dawn of a New Day? Congressmen Peter King (R) of New York and Joe Barton (D) of Texas Co-Sponsor a Bill that Would Allow States to Decide if They Will Allow Internet Gambling

Well, it’s a first step. And a big one. A lot of legislators talk about finding ways to legalize online gambling (as a way to collect more tax money). Now, two Congressmen have put their reputations on the line legalizing online poker, and possibly other games. Of course, there are always pitfalls, for example the […]

Pastor Pleads Guilty to Larceny; Used Church Money (in Part) to Gamble Online

A former pastor of St. Gregory Barbarigo on Monday pleaded guilty to fourth-degree grand larceny, admitting he stole the parish’s funds for his personal expenses, including online gambling. The Rev. Thomas Kreiser, 45, who had led the Garnerville parish, in New City, NY, since 2008, suddenly resigned in June 2010, citing personal reasons. His resignation […]

More New Casinos in Michigan? Could Happen, If Advocacy Group Has its Way

Saw an item in a Grand Rapids, Michigan newspaper about a group that wanted to see 7 new casinos in Michigan — including one in Grand Rapids. The group said it’s gonna start collecting signatures to put the issue on the ballot

New Jersey Governor Vetos Online Gambling Bill, Damn it

Remember a few weeks ago I  talked about New Jersey becoming the first state to legalize intra-state online gambling? Well, scratch that thought. Gov. Chris Christie, he of the hefty heft, vetoed the bill this week. Damn it,  declaring it would break the state’s constitutional limits

Hey, All You State Legislators Out There (Reading This)… Legalize Online Gambling, And You Can Balance Your State Budgets

Now here is something interesting I read the other day. It was a report put out by a group (I’d never heard of) called the Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC). The report said the online gambling market in 2010 increased by twelve percent to $29.3 billion dollars. Pretty amazing, huh? Such an incredible growth rate […]

Texas Deep in the Red, May Legalize Casino Gambling to Deal with Budget Shortfall

Texas could be the next state to legalize casino gambling. Why? They are $15 billion…that’s BILLION…in the red. So it’s either raise taxes OR legalize casino gambling. Which would not solve all the state’s problems, but will help. At least one bill calling to legalize casino gambling is expected this legislative session

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