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Greatness cannot be taken away by car reputation

Sebastian Vettel may have won two F1 driver’s championships in successive seasons, but that is not enough to convince former champion Sir Jackie Stewart he has what it takes to be called a great. Vettel, who won the Korean Grand Prix last week to take a six-point lead in the 2012 driver’s world championship, has […]

Good Times in River City (St. Louis), a Gambling Hot Spot

There are seven casinos in the St. Louis area, but only one is kicking ass at the moment, River City. River City, according to a report in various media outlets, is bringing in the gamblers in astonishing numbers, helping to make the entire industry in the city profitable. Of the seven casinos in the St. Louis […]

Charlie Crist Emphasizes Gambling’s Benefits To Education

Florida governor Charlie Crist has long been known to be a friend to the gambling sector. Who could forget that pact he made with the Indians to allow them huge liberties in their activities? While this was welcomed by many, it didn’t sit well with just as many other people. He has been quite active […]

Superbowl Gambling Is On!

The Superbowl is here and sports bettors all over the country are getting busy making their bets.  Sports books – both online and offline – are even busier dealing with the slew of bets coming in.  So how should you bet? I will not go as far as to tell you who to bet on […]

Baseball Betting Tips – Last Installment

Photo by msb_nyc Here is the last installment of this mini-series on baseball betting tips.  I hope that you will be able to master these tips and apply them when the right time comes. Tip #6: Do not overlook the effect of the ball park. Although the venue does not have as strong an effect […]

Video Poker Tips

So you like playing video poker? Who doesn’t? Let me ask you though, how many times have you won?  If you are hesitating on answering that question, let me share some tips with you.  These tips just might help you win more in video poker. Tip #1:  Know your machine Video poker machines are made […]

Are You A Gambling Virgin? (Part 3)

Photo by Cia L As promised, here is the last installment of this series for gambling virgins. I am actually hoping that at this point, you are a gambling virgin no more. In any case, whether you have not gambled before or you have had some experience, these tips can still help you out while […]

Are You A Gambling Virgin?

It is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, some people consider gambling a vice and if you have held out this long, then from some people’s point of view, you did pretty well. Then again, I am a firm believer of the idea that gambling is not inherently evil so if you have decided […]

Where Should You Bet (UFC Betting)?

The truth is that you can bet anywhere you want.  Heck, you can even find people on the streets and strike up a deal with them!  Then again, if you are really serious about your sports betting activities, then you should make sure that you place your bets with serious sportsbooks.  More than serious, I […]

Some Tips For UFC Betting

I was watching reruns of the UFC the other night, hence, my proclivity for writing about UFC these past days.  The UFC is very dynamic and really engages the viewer, whether you are at the venue or at home, watching on TV.  It is also one of the most popular events that sports betting enthusiast […]

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