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[Infographic] Manchester Derby

In a game that has become a lot closer in recent years, Manchester’s two clubs will do battle in the first derby between the two teams this season on Sunday. In the 165 games between the two clubs, United currently lead with 69 victories to City’s 46, with the other 50 games drawn. But despite […]

[Infographic] Barclays Premier League 2013-14

The Premier League has finally arrived after a long summer and we’ve decided to sum it all up in an infographic, courtesy of Titan Bet:      

A sing-song Merry Christmas from

A cheeky late bid for the Christmas number one slot comes from Stan and James for, and though you may get long odds on this potential outcome; don’t go investing your hard-earned just yet! With lyrics like “Boxing Day, that’s my type of day, when there’s teams on the TV scorin’” – it’s a […]

Greatness cannot be taken away by car reputation

Sebastian Vettel may have won two F1 driver’s championships in successive seasons, but that is not enough to convince former champion Sir Jackie Stewart he has what it takes to be called a great. Vettel, who won the Korean Grand Prix last week to take a six-point lead in the 2012 driver’s world championship, has […]

Brady once again beaten by the Giants

There’s no doubting the fact that Tom Brady has done some pretty amazing things during his illustrious career in the NFL, but the one achievement that has so far eluded him is beating the sublime Eli Manning in a Super Bowl on the biggest stage of all. With the Giants once again beating the Patriots in this […]

Is the future bright for the Ottawa Senators?

NHL fans this season have been forced to witness an extremely sad situation unfold, with the biggest prospect and golden boy of Canadian hockey Sidney Crosby disappearing from the sport following an injury that few expected to keep him out of action for weeks, let alone possibly the rest of his career.

Jewell criticises female official

Ipswich Town manager Paul Jewell singled out a female official for criticism last night, following his team’s 2-1 defeat at Birmingham City.

Update on California’s Internet Gambling Bills: The Debate Continues

So, California is still broke, right? Solution? Internet gambling legalization, for one thing. Not that it would solve the state’s pathetic financial situation. But it sure would help. A little. Bills to legalize online gambling are likely headed for another year of debate. A few bills have already been around for a couple of years. […]

What? Online Bingo a Target of U.S. Feds Too? How Freakin’ Outrageous is That?

It was bad enough, last April, when the U.S.Department of Justice seized the domain names of two of the largest online poker rooms and indicted both with charges of bank fraud and other charges relating to online gambling laws in the US. That pissed me off. But now the feds are going too far. It […]

Some Logic Here: A Case for Taxing Online Gambling Sites, Rather than Prosecuting Them

I’d like to thank Chris Flood, an attorney, for his editorial that I saw online on the Houston Chronicle. Whether you agree or disagree with the actions taken by the US Federal government April 15, Flood puts it all into perspective. So I will excerpt some of what he said. And thank him for the […]

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