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Gambling in the Far East

Gambling has been part of China since the late part of the imperial dynasty from 1644 to 1912. The areas famous for liquor and gambling then were Canton, Macao, Shanghai and Hong Kong which were inhabited by foreigners (Americans), mostly males. Not only were the Americans involved in gambling as the Chinese natives also joined […]

Gambling all over the World

Europeans like their American counterparts are also fond of gambling. The latest form uses digital or interactive TV where betting, gaming (bingo and casino-style games) and lotteries can be done online. Lotteries are popular in Europe and national lottery operators are, in fact, eyeing to provide online services. In Germany, lotteries generated a record high […]

Common gambling spiel

The way gamblers call each other, you’d think they were in a zoo. Take the term, “fish”. Basically it means loser, the poor bloke on the table whose sole purpose is to make everyone else look good (and a few chips wealthier, as well). Being called a “donkey” does not make you any much better, […]

Want to Gamble Online Legally? Go to South Africa, Where the Government Appears to Be Close to Legalizing (and Taxing) Internet Gambling

My lovely wife is South African and so any news coming out of her home country is always of interest to me. So imagine this: they are more progressive than the U.S., when it comes to online gambling. Or so it would appear. It has taken three years, but a commission  has recommended that it’s […]

Why Women Enjoy Bingo

Women tend to be more social than men, so bingo makes a great pastime. Men generally have no problem going to pubs on their own and propping up the bar, while women will usually only go out in pairs. If you get invited to a dinner party, it’s a pound to a penny that it’s […]

What? Online Bingo a Target of U.S. Feds Too? How Freakin’ Outrageous is That?

It was bad enough, last April, when the U.S.Department of Justice seized the domain names of two of the largest online poker rooms and indicted both with charges of bank fraud and other charges relating to online gambling laws in the US. That pissed me off. But now the feds are going too far. It […]

New Jersey Lawmakers to U.S. Courts: We Have the Right to Conduct Internet Gambling

New Jersey lawmakers are telling the US Department of Justice that their state has every right to enact intra-state Internet gambling, and that their efforts are permitted under current federal law. In a letter to US Attorney-General Eric Holder, NJ Senator Raymond J. Lesniak – one of the sponsors of New Jersey’s proposed sports betting […]

Minnesota Budget Stalemate: Legislators Wonder…is More Legalized Gambling the Answer?

As much as state legislators like to steer clear of gambling as the answer to all budgetary messes…Minnesota legislators, who are locked in a battle with the Governor (the state has closed down) are thinking about expanding gambling…to (what else?) bring in more capital. A Minnesota Capitol undercurrent for months has suggested gambling as a […]

Dawn of a New Day? Congressmen Peter King (R) of New York and Joe Barton (D) of Texas Co-Sponsor a Bill that Would Allow States to Decide if They Will Allow Internet Gambling

Well, it’s a first step. And a big one. A lot of legislators talk about finding ways to legalize online gambling (as a way to collect more tax money). Now, two Congressmen have put their reputations on the line legalizing online poker, and possibly other games. Of course, there are always pitfalls, for example the […]

Euro Millions Lottery Game, Right Up There With America’s Powerball and Mega Millions Games, in Terms of HUGE Jackpots; Game Played in Nine European Countries

People are always asking me: What is Euro Millions? Particularly Americans, who play Powerball and Mega Millions, and who have vaguely heard about this European lottery game, but don’t know much about it. Well, let me tell you, it’s an awesome twice a week, big jackpot game. Whenever I’m in Europe on a gambling junket […]

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