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Being too Aggressive in Poker

One of the key areas of my game that I had to improve on some years ago was in how I thought about equity in no limit hold’em. Raising from the button with a hand like J-7o may take down the blinds but what happens when the flop comes 10-6-2 and they check-call your c-bet? […]

Manipulating Your Range

When you move up the middle limits in no limit Texas hold’em cash games then your image and your opponent’s image plays a big part in many things that you do. At the lower stake levels then your opponent simply will not be watching you enough for you to have to worry about that. Let […]

Facing Aggressive 3/bets

When it has been folded around to you and you elect to raise from position then you have indirectly told your opponents that your range is quite wide. Everybody knows that nearly all poker players expand their ranges when there are fewer players still to act. When you raise then what you are actually doing […]

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