Gambling strategies and stories.

The complexity of a poker hand

Quite often you can play the same hand in a different way and be correct on both occasions in online poker. Recently I have been coaching a player that has been active playing online poker that came directly into this game from an online casino. He was having problems bluffing in the right spots and […]

Thinking ahead in online poker play

Let’s face it; nobody likes being suckered into someone else’s strong hand do they? You bluff raise the river and get called and then when your opponent checks the turn and you then fire a second barrel which also gets called. Your opponent then checks the river and you feel compelled to stick the rest […]

The history of online gambling

Gambling has had more than its share of negative publicity over the centuries.  Though gambling has existed ever since anyone can remember, many people still have an uninformed view about it.  For my part, I realize the negative things that can result from gambling.  Then again, I do know that there are certain steps that […]

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