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Not just your poker future but your future

As a poker pro of eleven years then I am all too aware of the need to adapt and to change. Wasn’t it Charles Darwin that once said that the species that will survive wouldn’t necessarily be the strongest or the fastest but it would have to be the most adaptive to change? This is […]

The art of stealing in poker

It is common knowledge that you will play the majority of your playing hands around the blinds. Whether it is in the blinds or on the button or the two seats to the right of the button! Stealing and re-stealing play a very important part of your poker strategy. Let us begin by looking at […]

What is their hand range

Let us start off by looking at a hand example. You are sitting on the button with the Jh-10h and you have a stack of 112bb in online no limit Texas hold’em poker. It has been folded around to the cut-off who raises to 3.5bb and they too have a stack of 100bb……what is your […]

Interesting UK Gambling Statistics

It’s known that many people living in the UK love themselves a good gamble, whether it’s gambling on slots, table games, video poker or other gambling games. We did some investigation to try and find some UK gambling statistics, which would serve to provide validation for the stereotype. Below, you’ll find some fascinating information you […]

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