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How to play suited connectors

Many cash game players like hands like suited connectors along the lines of say 9-8s. They know that they can make big hands with them like flushes and straights. But in order to play these types of hands well then you have to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses in all sorts of scenarios. […]

How to play pocket pairs

I think an awful lot of player misplay pocket pairs against a raise but the way to correct that problem is to use a basic rule of thumb used by many strong no limit Texas hold’em players. Let us say that it has been raised by an early position player in a $1-$2 ring game. […]

Semi-Bluffing in Poker

There are times when you should semi-bluff and times when you shouldn’t. To semi-bluff or bluff successfully then you need your opponent to fold some of the time. Let us say that your opponent made it 3.5bb to go and you called on the button with both blinds folding. The pot is now 8.5bb and […]

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