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Make sure you play strong poker

One of the biggest factors that lead to players losing money in online poker or recycling money is poor non-showdown winnings. These refer to the amount of money that is won or lost in the pots that you play that do not lead to showdown. Most competent poker players have decent showdown earnings. All that […]

Too Many Chiefs

In many professions then only certain people are allowed to train others and to coach. For example within the medical profession then it would be unthinkable for anyone other than trained medical staff and doctors to pass on knowledge to medical students. In online poker and poker in general then there is no formal educational […]

Taking your NLHE game to the next level

To make money these days playing NLHE then you need to play differently to the masses. To do this means that you need to know just how the masses play in online poker games. Let us look at full ring games for example to show what I am talking about here. Just how does a […]

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