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New Jersey Lawmakers to U.S. Courts: We Have the Right to Conduct Internet Gambling

New Jersey lawmakers are telling the US Department of Justice that their state has every right to enact intra-state Internet gambling, and that their efforts are permitted under current federal law. In a letter to US Attorney-General Eric Holder, NJ Senator Raymond J. Lesniak – one of the sponsors of New Jersey’s proposed sports betting […]

How to play – slots

Slot machines are everywhere you go, in pubs, in casinos and even online now. So what is the basics of playing slots? As a rule all machines are similar and have three reels that have numbers or symbols on it; there are usually 20 on each reel. These numbers or pictures must line up together […]

It’s a New World in Vegas: Fewer Casino Floor Supervisors, And More Surveillance Technology

It was inevitable, I suppose. Even casinos are laying off people…in Vegas (it has been a given in Atlantic City). But it is somewhat surprising that floor supervisors, who after all… are there to watch over theft and cheating… are being laid off. No doubt (if you’ve been to Vegas recently) there are fewer suits hovering […]

Webracer GP review

Good online sports games are few and far between but Webracer GP is a great game that provides all the fun of being in a Grand Prix. As a driver your task is to make it round the track in first place and in the quickest time possible and it’s one of the best free […]

Minnesota Budget Stalemate: Legislators Wonder…is More Legalized Gambling the Answer?

As much as state legislators like to steer clear of gambling as the answer to all budgetary messes…Minnesota legislators, who are locked in a battle with the Governor (the state has closed down) are thinking about expanding gambling…to (what else?) bring in more capital. A Minnesota Capitol undercurrent for months has suggested gambling as a […]

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