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“Payday” Party Trouble for Baltimore City Worker Participants

I found this one of the more interesting news items I’ve come across recently. Because on payday, who doesn’t lay down a few bucks on lotteries? Or other games of chance. I’m not advocating gambling away all you have; rather, to have some fun. In Atlantic City, Vegas, if you live nearby. Hell, why not? […]

Well Here They Go Again, Minnesota Legislators Trying to Raise Money Through Video Slots (If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Tray…etc)

Anyone who’s been reading my posts for the past few years knows that I’ve been following this story …. it’s just so fascinating to see states that are running deficits trying to make it up through gambling. I am not opposed to this at all. The more opportunities I have to play what I want, […]

Showing the Bluff

Is it justifiable to show a bluff in any circumstance? Showing bluffs can certainly rile opponents, but do you want your opponents riled and do you want to give away any free information? There will be players, whether they look at Scratch Cards Online or not, who simply never show their cards when they don’t […]

Well, Duh! Duke University Study Shows… Sleep Deprived Gamblers Make Poorer Decisions Than Those Who Have Enough Sleep

I could have told you this. Ain’t it why casinos are open 24 hours…because they like it when gamblers stay late into night. They know what a Duke University Study has just revealed…. The researchers looked at 29 volunteers and found that those who were deprived of sleep tended to make riskier financial decisions than […]

Punter wins £1.4m on Tote

Heating engineer Steve Whitely was looking forward to a fun day at the races when he jumped on the bus with his pass and entered Exeter racecourse for free as part of a special promotion. Just hours later he had picked the winner of all six races on the card and his £2 Tote Jackpot […]

New Jersey Governor Vetos Online Gambling Bill, Damn it

Remember a few weeks ago I  talked about New Jersey becoming the first state to legalize intra-state online gambling? Well, scratch that thought. Gov. Chris Christie, he of the hefty heft, vetoed the bill this week. Damn it,  declaring it would break the state’s constitutional limits

Chopping the Pot

There are some instances in live poker where ‘chopping the pot’ occurs. Let’s take a look at them. When a hand folds round to the blinds (no one has put money in the pot), the small blind will often say to the big blind, “wanna chop?” This means that the blinds would simply take back […]

Grand National Latest

The clamour around the John Smith’s Grand National is building with the race just over a month away.

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