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Hey, All You State Legislators Out There (Reading This)… Legalize Online Gambling, And You Can Balance Your State Budgets

Now here is something interesting I read the other day. It was a report put out by a group (I’d never heard of) called the Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC). The report said the online gambling market in 2010 increased by twelve percent to $29.3 billion dollars. Pretty amazing, huh? Such an incredible growth rate […]

Texas Deep in the Red, May Legalize Casino Gambling to Deal with Budget Shortfall

Texas could be the next state to legalize casino gambling. Why? They are $15 billion…that’s BILLION…in the red. So it’s either raise taxes OR legalize casino gambling. Which would not solve all the state’s problems, but will help. At least one bill calling to legalize casino gambling is expected this legislative session

Advantages of betting in online casinos

All online casino sites that we find available today on the network, base their service on providing full satisfaction to all his players, and while this is a general rule that applies in any market or business, online casino benefits and advantages for users highlight a special way, making each player enjoy every game and […]

Good News for Vegas Casinos, Gamblers Coming Back (and That Includes Me)

Look, I never have stopped going to Vegas (when I can). So the news that business was down never really affected me personally. But I am glad to see the comeback by casinos in Nevada, as reported by the state Gaming Control Board, which reported that casinos won $10.4 billion last year, a 0.1 percent increase

Tournament Play: The Basics

Playing multi-table tournament poker demands not only a good knowledge of strategy but also a heap of patience and mental toughness. And a slice of luck here and there doesn’t hurt either. The poker boom of the last five years has created a massive audience for online poker tournaments. Just a quick glance on a […]

Super Bowl Game is the U.S.’s Biggest Betting Day of the Year

To the uninitiated, to those who read this and live in Japan, Australia, India…America’s Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event we have every year. And the biggest gambling day ever. People here bet on everything. Who wins. Point spreads. Who scores first. Even who wins the coin toss to start the game. It’s absurd.

Frenchman in Court: Drugs Made Me Gamble, Turn to Gay Sex

Now here is a clever excuse for an addiction to online gambling…and gay sex. A Mr. Didier Jambart, 51, of Nantes, France, is suing the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, sayng the drug he took to treat his Parkinson’s symptoms…a drug called Requip, “turned him into a gambling and gay sex addict.”

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