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Three Former Sumo Wrestlers Busted in Tokyo Gambling Scandal

This is such a cool story, so thank you Tomiko (my Tokyo reader, correspondent) for telling me about it. Here is what she told me. Last week, Japanese police arrested three former sumo wrestlers over a gang-linked gambling scandal that rocked the ancient national sport last year. Sadahide Furuichi, 34, Tetsuya Yabushita, 29, and Shunsaku Yamamoto, […]

What will happen in poker in 2011?

With the new year, comes the possibility to reflect on what has happened over the last ten years in the poker industry in the United States and the rest of the world. During the last decade, the industry has grown enormously, especially the online poker industry , but also have been many more events off-line […]

Massachusetts’ Lawmakers and Lobbyists Turn Up the Heat, Pushing for State-Sponsored Casino Resorts

Like I said, when it comes to handling state deficits, all options are legitimate — except, apparently, raising taxes. And so we come to Massachusetts, where lawmakers have been working for years to bring casino resorts to the state. Now, lobbyists are stepping up with their wallets in hand to ensure a deal is done.

Whatta Day in the U.S.A.! New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Law to License and Regulate Online Poker (Gambling)

Just a few hours ago I wrote about what was going on in New Jersey. Well, it happened. So here we are … at a momentous time. Mark down January 10, 2011, as an historic day for online poker. And online gambling. New Jersey became the first state to pass legislation to license and regulate […]

I’m Keeping My Eye on New Jersey, Where Lawmakers Could Make Online Gambling Legal This Week

Once again, money talks. In New Jersey, where the government is facing huge deficits, it seems likely that legislators will go forward with a bill to in effect legalize online gambling. The bill is A-2570. And if I’m not incorrect, it will be debated this week in the state legislature. The online gambling bill is […]

How’s That Huge Gambling Bill Going in Illinois? Stalled in the Illinois House at the Moment

Someone called me the other day to ask, Hey…how is the gambling bill that would expand gambling in Illinois to include casinos in Danville and four other cities (including Chicago)…how is it going? Well, it’s on hold. But the legislation, which was approved by the Illinois Senate last month, is not dead

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