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Gambling Cheats Nabbed in the U.K., but Not Given Jail Time

This from the U.K. Press Association…a really interesting piece of news. About two professional cheats nabbed in the U.K. The two international  cheats, who also targeted casinos in central London, walked free from court this past week, after admitting possessing a series of fake IDs to use in casinos they were banned from. As part […]

Sneaking in the Back Door: New Hampshire Allowing “For Profit Firms” to Conduct Games of Chance (That’s Called Gambling, Dude)

Very interesting article recently in a New Hampshire newspaper. Seems like a legalized form of gambling appears to be popping up frequently in communities throughout the state’s seacoast towns. But here is the twist. Charitable gaming has been legal in New Hampshire since 1977. That changed in 2006, when the state legislature voted to allow […]

World Traveler’s Alert: Gambling is Now Legal in Sri Lanka. [But Really, They Had Casinos Anyway.]

Gotta capture that foreign dollar. This is one of the most awesome countries in the world, Sri Lanka. And anyone who has been there would agree with that. Well, now you can gamble there. Legally. Sri Lanka’s parliament passed a law Wednesday to legalize gambling, despite strong criticism from opposition lawmakers who charged it would […]

Chicago Legislators Mull Expanded Gambling, Including Possible Casinos and Slots at Racetracks

Good news for gamblers (like me). Seems like legislators all over the US are coming to their senses. Particularly after the last election. No new taxes? OK then, how are Governors and legislatures going to balance budgets? Gambling. Illinois Senate President John Cullerton says the odds are good for an expansion of gambling in the […]

Foxwoods in Planning Stage to Develop Internet Gambling Site Based in Europe (Where it is Legal)

This isn’t surprising, but when I saw a news item in a New London, CT newspaper, I had to comment on it. Foxwoods Development Co, the  Mashantucket Pequot Tribe’s St. Louis-based development arm, is in the planning stage of developing an internet gambling site where it is legal— in Europe. Smart move. Very smart. Apparently the […]

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