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Maryland Joins the Club; Hollywood Casino in Perryville, Md. Opens

For the first time in 40 years, Maryland has legal gambling. After a decade and a half of debate, the opening of the Hollywood Casino in Perryville meant Maryland has finally joined most of its neighbors in expanding gambling to shore up its finances. Whoever lost that first dollar just paid 67 cents to the […]

Now that Pennsylvania has Legalized Gambling, it’s Going After Illegal Gambling Operations (Big Time)

Pennsylvania, my home state, seems hell bent on become the gambling capital of the country. So watch out Vegas. And definitely watch out Atlantic City. Now, the state’s Gaming Control Board wants to ensure their casinos are receiving maximum revenue. That is why the Board approved grants that will help combat illegal gambling. The Gaming […]

Churchill Downs (Home of the Kentucky Derby) to Buy Casino for $132 Million

How bad is the horse racing industry? Look…I write about horse racing. I bet it. I watch it. I love it. But things are tough these days. And then I saw this: Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, is about to acquire a Mississippi casino for about $132 million. Are things that bad that […]

India Mulls Legalizing Gambling; What a Big Market that Would be for Casino Owners

Now, you think WE have gambling problems in the U.S.? Check this out. In India, gambling is illegal but for horse racing and a few casinos in Goa. Well…I don’t know much about India, but I do know they are crazy about cricket. You know…that game which evolved in baseball here in the U.S. Seems […]

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