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Russia Grapples with the Idea of Legalized “Gambling” Zones: Can the Black Sea Area Become the Country’s Version of Las Vegas?

Here is an interesting item that crossed my desk recently. You know, Russia has been struggling with the idea of expanding it’s gambling zones, casinos…whatever you want to call it. Well, after some failed attempts to relocate gambling spots to designated zones, Russia is considering building a family-friendly casino resort in the more popular holiday […]

Up for Grabs in Pennsylvania: the State’s Final Gaming License (at least for now)

I hope you all will forgive me for writing about Pennsylvania again, but what the state is going through now…for a gambler like me (although I am an amateur at it) is just fascinating. A state with Quaker blood…with Amish roaming the countryside…. is going whole hog for casino gambling and it is happening for […]

5,000 Arrested in Illegal Gambling Raids Across Asia

Gambling news from around the world, courtesy of a number of news services, including Reuters and UK newspapers. This, for all of you (and I know you’re out there) reading this in Europe, Asia and Australia. Thank you for viewing these posts every week. And I promise to cover more of the world’s events in […]

Ontgario, Canada, Legalizing Internet Gambling; Why are Canadians So Progressive, And We (USA) Are Not?

I don’t get it. Canada, always so conservative is anything but when it comes to gambling. Case in point. Ontario, which is joining Quebec, British Columbia and the Atlantic Provinces in offering internet gambling according to a statement Tuesday by the provincial minister of finance, Dwight Duncan. The possibility that Ontario would join its sister provinces […]

The Bluff Call

Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly timed bluff in poker? The satisfaction of taking down a pot with nothing can be the sweetest feeling. The bluff call is simply that call you make on the turn when you are setting up a bluff for later on in the hand.

Anywhere But the U.S.: Welcome to the Club. New Gambling Site,, Check it Out

Ok. I consider it one of my main roles, to turn you on to  NEW casinos, NEW gambling sites  that you might  want to test out on your own. And hopefully report back to me and everyone who regularly checks out this site. And so I introduce you all to the UK-licensed virtual sportsbetting site at […]

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