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How Profitable is Legalized Gambling for States? Just Ask Pennsylvania

Did you know that Pennsylvania collected more in taxes from commercial casino gambling than any other state, including gambling heavyweight Nevada, The Allentown Call newspaper reported. Pennsylvania’s tax revenue from commercial casinos approached $1.1 billion in the fiscal year that ended June 30, The Morning Call of Allentown reported Monday. Indiana was second with $878 […]

Canadian Province B.C. Reaping Online Gambling Rewards

Here is a very intersting tidbit of information about Canada. While Kentucky is foolishly fighting online gambling (how else but) by grabbing up domain names, over in British Columbia (where lies my all time favorite city, Vancouver), is enjoying mega success through legalized online gambling and is reaping enormous financial rewards. Can the states be […]

Good Times in River City (St. Louis), a Gambling Hot Spot

There are seven casinos in the St. Louis area, but only one is kicking ass at the moment, River City. River City, according to a report in various media outlets, is bringing in the gamblers in astonishing numbers, helping to make the entire industry in the city profitable. Of the seven casinos in the St. Louis […]

Get Up, Take a Walk, Have a Drink, as Way of Preventing Clots When Table Gambling for Long Periods of Time, Medical Researchers Suggest. [Are They Nuts?]

A friend, Abe, sent me an interesting cli from the New York Times, which I think is not just a fun angle on gambling moments…but kind of instructive. There is a report coming out of China of a syndrome that might be caused by excessive table gambling. I know…hard to believe. Right? Seems like the […]

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