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Betting on Baseball in Japan? You Betcha. But You’ll Never Guess Who Has Been Caught?

Incredible? The following story came across the A.P. wire, and it’s quite a hoot. There are allegations that sumo wrestlers and coaches have been betting tens of thousands of dollars on baseball. It’s a widening scandal that has tarnished the image of the ancient sport. From A.P. sources: The Japan Sumo Association decided in an […]

N.J. Casinos Set to Fight Against Online Gambling

Here’s the deal. New Jersey seems poised to become the FIRST state to legalize online poker …. at least within the state. But Atlantic City casinos are putting the pressure on legislators to kill the bill. Who’s kidding whom? Folks, this is a smokescreen. You’ve gotta know that the second online poker is legalized the […]

Chinese Gambling Heavily on the World Cup. [And it’s Illegal.]

Here’s a dispatch (from China’s news agencies) that I found incredibly interesting and I want to share it all with you. I’ve been wild about the World Cup, watching every match I could, while I’m not at work. China, it seems is going wild over the cup too. Only thing is, they don’t have a […]

U.K. Granny is a Gambler; Embezzles About $285,000 (in U.S. Dollars), Gambles it all Online

From my correspondent in the U.K., comes this delightful story. OK, it’s a warning to watch your granny. She might be gambling it all away. A grandmother who stole from her employer to feed her gambling habit wagered £2m ($2.9 million in U.S. Dollars) on a single internet gaming site, it has been revealed. Eileen […]

Google Does It Again; New Service, Google TV, Will Make Accessing Gambling Sites Easier

Don’t you just love google? As some who enjoys real life gambling … and someone who occasionally goes to online sites, google is introducing a site that will make finding the best online casinos easier. The google TV feature is launched with Sony and Logitech as partners. Viewers will be able to  combine their television experience […]

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