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Former New York Senator Comes Out in Favor of Online Gambling

News from one of my correspondents in New York prompted this posting. Man, sometimes help comes from strange places. Those who have been in favor of making Online Poker legal in the United States got a big supporter from New York. Alfonse D’Amato, a former senator of the state and current Chairman of the Poker […]

Gambling Expansion Plans in the Mix for Rhode Island? Why Not? It’s Working in Pennsylvania

Like I’ve said time and again, it’s all about money. Legislators (running for office) are against legalizing or expanding gambling opportunities until it comes time to balance their budgets. Then, not wanting to tax citizens anymore (for fear of losing their office), they turn to alternative measures. And there sits gambling. Well, whatever it takes. […]

Lone Star State Considers Expanding Gambling Opportunities (Why? To Help Shore Up Budget Shortfalls, Of Course)

It is inevitable, in these days of budget shortfalls…and legislators fear of raising taxes. The fear, that is…of not being re-elected if they raise taxes. So what is a legislator to do? Cut programs? Well…how about legalizing more gambling. Which is exactly what Texas is considering. Texas is currently facing big budget short falls. The […]

More on Canada: Casinos in the Province of New Brunswick, Open

This is awesome news for gamblers like me. Now we can gamble in New Brunswick, Canada. This week the province opened its door to casino gambling for the first time. Of course, it’s always about raising revenues and Casino New Brunswick (as it is called) will likely do just that. The government is hoping that […]

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