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Oh Canada! Provinces Consider Legalizing Online Betting

Since my wife and I are planning to move to Vancouver, Canada, I found this bit of news very interesting. Particularly as someone who loves to play online. It looks like Canadian provinces are thinking about legally offering online betting. That’s sure to come up at the Canadian Gaming Summit, which is happening in Calgary […]

Internet Gambling: Let’s Get it Done (Tax Revenues Will Help State Budgets)

I was surfing around the net, looking to see what you might find interesting this week, when I found an item about online gambling on H2 Gambling Capital’s website. The group is the self described “leading” provider of data regarding the gambling industry. I mean, what’s interesting is that this spate of information is coming […]

South Carolina Lawmakers Consider Easing Up on Gambling Laws

OK, so you’re having a quiet game of cards (for money of course) with your friends in say… Charleston. Friendly game. Poker maybe. Knock on the door. Boom. You’re busted. That’s right. In South Carolina (one of the prettiest states in the Union), people are still being busted for blue laws first established in the […]

Indiana Card Counter Banned from Casino; Now the State’s Supreme Court to Decide Whether it’s Legal

Can a casino ban a player because he (or she) is a card counter? I don’t believe they can. Or should. I am a card counter. A bad card counter, but a card counter nonetheless. Hence, casinos love me. They love people who count cards, but aren’t very good at it. Even if you are […]

Coming Soon to a Bar Near You? Off Track Betting Terminals? [It Could Happen]

This is a topic dear to my heart. I’m a New Yorker. I like horse racing. I like gambling. No, I LOVE to gamble. [Not more than I can afford, of course.] And I grew up…as New York’s OTB grew up. So, the latest is that OTB is going broke. Now, in an effort to drum […]

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