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The (Gambling) Beat Goes On: Maryland Legislators, Cash-Starved of Course, Considering Legalization of Card Games at Racetracks

Poverty makes strange bedfellows, right? Like once anti-gambling legislators now doing a 180 degree turn and looking for any kind of revenue relief. Anything but new taxes. So…Maryland state senators are now considered amending a bill this week that could bring card games to one racetrack so games would be allowed in five other locations, […]

March Madness is Great, But Sports Betters Should Watch Out for Online Scams

I ran across this warning from and I thought it was important news to get out there. It’s about March Madness. You know, the NCAA basketball tournament. Everyone I know at work plays the brackets… it’s great fun and money can be won. But, as March Madness approaches this week, sportsbetters should be aware […]

Pennsylvania Casino Fined $100,000 For Underage Gambling Violations

Well, look…if you live in Pennsylvania and are under 21, you can’t gamble. In state-sponsored casinos. Legally. Of course, the hypocrisy…. we all know that kids under 21 gamble. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board approved a $100,000 fine against Mount Airy Resort Casino for underage gambling violations that occurred in 2009. According to a […]

Dustin Hoffman Set to Star in TV Series About Gambling (How Cool is That?)

I can’t wait for this. Apparently, Dustin Hoffman is all set to star in an HBO series about gambling. It’s gonna be called LUCK. The story is set in the world of gambling…and horse racing. Hoffman would play a career criminal (he’s done that before) involved in gambling. Hey…the actor is 72 (can you believe […]

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