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If You Happen to Be in Guyana (of All Places), You Can Now Gamble at the Country’s First Casino

Well, if you happen to be traveling in South America…. a Turkish group of investors has now opened the country’s first legal casino The Princess Casino Guyana exposed foreign dignitaries, the business community and the media to its $2 million investment recently. This, after more than a year of preparations. “Ours was a soft opening and in […]

Is the Tide Rolling in Alabama Against Illegal Gambling Operations? Alabama Senate Meeting to Vote on Bill that Legalizes Gambling

Interesting things going on in the great state of Alabama. Seems like the Governor’s task force on illegal gambling continues to lash out against illegal operations. Well and good, we say. The fight over bingo machine versus slot machine has been running rampant, but a change in the winds has been detected. The Alabama Senate […]

Online Gambling in China Now a Target of Government Crackdown

China plans to crack down on the online gambling industry, including the banks and websites that support it, the Ministry of Public Security said in a statement posted on its website. The statement clears says a campaign against the industry is in their plans. From our correspondent in Hong Kong, I got this report: The […]

New Casino Opens in Russia

Could Russia someday become the new hotbed of gambling? Right now, it would appear not. In fact, recent Russian laws have impeded the building of gambling casinos in or near major cities. They say it is a safety factor. Locating casinos in remote settings. Well, I don’t know about that one. Take Orakul Casino, which […]

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