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Online Bingo? Why Not? Check Out WTGbingo, A Newly Launched Site, which was just recently launched, is trying to break away from the pack of online bingo sites. It’s founders had in mind one thing that will help it stand out from the crowd. This site wants to see winners! And a lot of them if possible. Well, we’ll see about that. Appropriately named WTGbingo, […]

New Ownership to Renovate Remington Park Gaming Site in Oklahoma

When the calendar turns to 2010, Remington Park, in Oklahoma will be under the control of new owners, Global Gaming. That’s a good thing, from my perspective. The new owners seem to be putting gaming high on their list of priorities. They already have a cool horse racing facility. See photo above. They plan to […]

Pennsylvania Edges One Step Closer to Legalizing Table Games

I like playing poker, craps, and blackjack, so I was pleased when legislators in my home state of Pa appeared to be edging closer to legalizing table games in state casinos. Not that I don’t like slots. I do. But I want the option of the other games as well. Pennsylvania, in a constant state […]

Bringing the Slots Experience into Your Home, Playing Online can be Awesome

Mea Culpa. I like to play the slots. I’m not an 80 year old granny, although there is nothing wrong with being an 80 year old grandmother. And I’m not a hot chick (see above). But I like the quick action of the game. Slot in your coins, hit a button, pull a lever and […]

Absurd Story of the Month: Grannies Busted for Playing Cards at Home in Cyprus

Imagine your grandmother getting busted for playing cards at home with her friends, even though they play for a few dollars. My mother, God rest her soul, played Mah Jong almost every week of her life for small stakes. I can’t imagine that she would ever be hauled in for illegal gambling for a friendly […]

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