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Have a Seat at this Online Poker Table, for Free

No question, the popularity of online poker has never been greater and the tournaments held both online and offline are drawing some of the biggest crowds. If you’ve been a fan of poker, you already known that participating in a major tournament could be quite costly, but one popular online poker room is giving away […]

Supro Casino, the Latest Online Casino from 888, is Very Cool, with 60 Games to Play

I received this news release the other day from the 888 group, which reminded me that they  had launched a new, killer online casino back in June. The game is available in three currencies to better serve a variety of players and that’s pretty cool. Frankly, I play with U.S. dollars. But if you prefer […]

Oh My, O-Hio to Get Casinos? Another Money Making Scheme in a Bad Economy?

It looks like Ohio voters have come to their senses and would now like to have casino gambling in their state. Hallelujah. First step will likely be allowing racetracks to offer video slot machines. First they have to pay up f or a license, and two racetracks in the Buckeye state have already done so […]

A Gambling Gene Debunked. Now I’ve Heard Everything.

Now, I’ve heard everything. Some idiot scientist now claims that a pre-disposition to gambling (which I enjoy, by the way) may be caused by a gene. This was recently reported on CNN. The scientist is calling the gene D-2 receptor. And it is said that the gene is stimulated by the use of substances beyond […]

Conservative Kansas No More: Jayhawkers to Run Gambling Business at State-Run Casino

A few years ago there was a best selling book called “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” It was about politics. But for those who love to gamble, it could have been written about them as well. Kansas by tradition, is conservative country. The state school board once approved science guidelines questioning evolution and anti-abortion leaders […]

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