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More Top Tips For Good Gambling Etiquette

In the previous post, we talked about some things that you should consider when playing at any casino. While some people take these things for granted, there are those who are totally clueless and, without having any bad intentions, end up pissing other casino patrons off. In order to avoid that, here are more tips […]

Top Tips For Good Gambling Etiquette

Gambling is supposed to be fun for everyone involved. Nothing ruins a good night of gambling at the casino than a person who is obnoxious, rude, and thinks of only himself. Oh, but we know that in real life, we are bound to run across these people. In fact, I have to say that most […]

Putin And His Gambling Ban

I remember this blogger friend who wrote a very humorous post comparing Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. She compared and contrasted the two leaders of the world. I am pretty sure political analysts would have a lot to say about that piece but it just cracked me up. Anyhow, I got to thinking about that […]

Farewell, Bernie Goldstein

Bernard “Bernie” Goldstein passed away on Sunday at the age of 80. If you are wondering who he was, you ought to know that Bernie is considered to be the Father of Riverboat Gambling. Bernie started off as a scrap metal dealer. His strong business acumen and passion for gambling soon led him down the […]

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