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Rats Model Human Gambling

You know how scientists most often use rats to study human issues? For some reason, these tiny critters have behavioral and physical similarities to our own species. A group of researchers in Canada are now using rats to study the ever present problem of addiction to gambling. In an experiment – the first of its […]

Top Gambling Games Around The World

Have you ever wondered what people play in casinos all over the world? You may have your favorite game, one which you always play when you visit a casino – whether it is a brick and mortar one or an online one; but have you ever thought of what others prefer? It may not be […]

Would Traffic Jams Turn You Off Of Gambling?

I am pretty sure that it would slightly turn me off but not totally, and definitely not in the long run. If I were encountering traffic jam problems because of gambling, I would be sure to find a work around. I don’t know about you, but that is what I think. Apparently, though, some anti-gambling […]

Do You Think Sports Betting Is Taboo?

I was reading the news about gambling laws and such earlier when I ran across this line at Casino Gambling Web: Sports betting is really the last taboo when it comes to gambling. Casinos are popping up all across the US, and the gambling opposition groups seem to be shrinking by the day. Sports gambling, […]

Do You Have Control?

I have been dubbed a control freak here and there. Naturally, I would balk at the label; but if I think that if I thought about it more, I would probably see some truth in that statement. And speaking of control, I read a really old article about gambling, which really made sense to me. […]

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