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Charlie Crist Emphasizes Gambling’s Benefits To Education

Florida governor Charlie Crist has long been known to be a friend to the gambling sector. Who could forget that pact he made with the Indians to allow them huge liberties in their activities? While this was welcomed by many, it didn’t sit well with just as many other people. He has been quite active […]

New Research Increases Support For Online Gambling

Gambling has always been one of the favorite targets of conservatives and other similar groups. While those who do gamble reasonably tend to have their feathers ruffled because of this, I do have to admit that gambling does pose some problems. That is why, while I do not agree with gambling critics, I do understand […]

Compulsive Gambling MAY Be A Side Effect Of Parkinson’s

There are many diseases that exist today that we dread more than others. One of them is Parkinson’s disease as we do not really have a cure for it as of yet. While we know that researchers are engaged in a continuous effort to find out more about the disease and how it can be […]

Who Is Your American Idol Bet?

You can bet on most anything these days, and American Idol is not exempt from this. To be honest with you, if you had asked me about American Idol about a month ago, I wouldn’t have been able to answer you. It is a bit different now, and I have to admit, I am kind […]

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