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Have You Got The March Madness?

It is not called March Madness for nothing. Every year, when the time for the NCAA finals come about, there seems to be a frenzy regarding the whole thing. And I am not talking only about the basketball fans and school loyal school fans. Those of us who are into sports betting also feel this […]

Sports Gambling: To Legalize Or Not?

This one’s a no brainer as far as I am concerned. There are already countless people who are doing it, why not just legalize it? Apparently, that is NOT enough reason for some people. That is why there is a whole debate going on about whether or not to legalize sports gambling. I came across […]

Would You Gamble On Good Friday?

This is definitely a controversial question, especially since religious views and gambling never really got along well. As we near one of the most – if not the most – important religious events in Christendom, we hear about gambling and religion clashing once again. In Australia, gambling company Tabcorp is offering people the chance to […]

South Carolina Opens Itself To Gambling

South Carolina is known for many things but for those who have an affinity for card games, it is the epitome of hell. Well, at least it was. For the past 207 years, the state has disallowed the playing of games which involve dice and cards. This is perhaps the strictest state in these terms. […]

UIGEA Repeal to Help Boost US Economy

The US Congress may have finally found a solution for the government’s budget woes – repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Seriously though even if it might not solve the economic crisis the fact remains that the online gambling industry is one of the rare industries that is still very much flourishing. In […]

What’s Your Take On ATMs In Casinos?

Should ATMs be allowed inside casinos or not? Does it matter? Apparently, to some of our lawmakers, it does matter. And more than that, even the exact distance or exact location of the ATMs matter to them – down to a few feet! Yesterday, lawmakers in New Mexico voted on whether or not to allow […]

Do You Have A Gambling List?

You might be wondering what a gambling list is. You might even look it up online. I am not sure if you will find something using exactly that term but I am sure that you will find articles and tips to that effect. What I mean by a gambling list is a list of specific […]

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