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Online Gambling In The US: LEGAL

No, I am not being delusional here. I understand that you may be hearing the words “UNLAWFUL INTERNET GAMBLING ACT” screaming in your head right now. That is what happened when I first read the article at USA Online Casinos too. However, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), despite the general opinion that Internet […]

Unbelievably Great Hotel Prices In Atlantic City

Looking for a great price for a hotels in Atlantic City?   How about a room at Harrah’s resort for $20 a night?  Well here’s a promotion that you won’t want to miss.  It is valid now through May 21st, 2009.

Gambling On The Oscars

By the time this post is published, the Oscars would have been over. As of this writing, however, I am still currently glued to my television watching this year’s Academy Awards unfold. Viewers were treated to Hugh Jackman’s opening number and the comedic quips of many of the presenters. The public does not know yet […]

Judge: Hold ‘Em Poker Is A Skill

Woot!!! As I am writing for the Web, I thought that that exclamation is but appropriate for this piece of news that I just read.  It has been a long and intense debate: is poker a game of chance or a game that requires skill? In the mind of many a poker player, there is […]

Can You Make A Living By Gambling?

I have heard it so many times before – if I could only find the courage to quit my job, I can earn my living as a full time gambler. Is there any truth to this statement? Or perhaps it is just the false hopes of a person with a gambling problem? I will not […]

Almost Counts…

At least for gamblers.  This is the total opposite of a maxim that I used to live by as a child.  You know, that saying, “Almost doesn’t count except for in horseshoes and hand grenades.” According to recent studies, however, this saying does not apply to gamblers.  The study, which was published in the magazine […]

Would You Vote For Gambling?

It seems to me that gambling and the laws concerning the activity are becoming more and more visible these days.  Whether you look at online newspapers, local newspapers, or the TV news, the chances are that you will see news items pertaining to gambling and whether or not it should be legalized in certain areas.  […]

Gambling At Funerals And Wakes?

Let’s take a break from all that legal talk about gambling and similar activities.  Did you know that in certain parts of the world, gambling is a common activity during wakes and funerals?  Take the Philippines, a small country in southeast Asia.  In this country, it is common practice to sponsor various table games while […]

Prospects For US Online Gambling Looking Up?

I am not predicting anything with a hundred percent guarantee but online gambling in the US just might get a break soon.  I am sure that you have been following the news and that you have been hearing about Obama’s stimulus package that is aimed at helping the US economy recover from the blows it […]

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