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Superbowl Gambling Is On!

The Superbowl is here and sports bettors all over the country are getting busy making their bets.  Sports books – both online and offline – are even busier dealing with the slew of bets coming in.  So how should you bet? I will not go as far as to tell you who to bet on […]


I may be one of the most active proponents of gambling but it does not mean that I overlook the negative side of this pastime.  I do realize that gambling is not for everyone and I am not pushing it down anybody’s throat.  And I also realize that there are some people who have a […]

Thumbs Up For Online Gambling

At least that’s the case in the Isle of Man.  For those who have been into online gambling for a while now, you would know that this place is a significant player in the online gambling industry.  As such, it would be a relief to know that the Isle of Man is doing great in […]

Care To Bet On Obama?

Not on whether or not he will be president, silly.  He’s due for inauguration tomorrow.  The bet is on whether or not he will reinstate online gambling in the United States, thereby nullifying the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act passed into law by his predecessor. This is a serious and real bet, by the way.  A […]

Superbowl Favorite: Steelers

The NFL Superbowl is always something to look forward to.  Football fans all over the world really reserve the time to watch the game and of course, the half time show.  And why not?  It is simply the biggest game in the football world.  Naturally, people who are into sportsbetting also await this event.  More […]

Cheltenham Festival 2009

In just over 2 months now, one of the biggest horse racing events will be held in the UK.  Dubbed the Cheltenham Festival, this event will be held over the course of 4 days, and will feature the best steeplechasers and hurdlers from Britain, Ireland, and the rest of Europe.  This year, the Cheltenham Festival […]

Ladbrokes’ Ad Banned

“Shark” Banned TV Advert (Full Version) – Ladbrokes Casino – The best home videos are here Whoever said that only the United States government likes regulating ads and the media?  I just read a news article on how the United Kingdom government has banned an ad by Ladbrokes because of its portrayal of gambling as […]

Macau: Gambling Destination No More?

Two or so years ago, Macau was the premier gambling destination in Asia.  Even gamblers from the West would want to visit this little country (or territory, if you wish to call it that) in Asia to have one of the best gambling experiences they could ever have.  It was the gambler’s dream. The dream […]

A Lesson For The New Year

In my previous post, I wrote about some of the resolutions that I have for 2009 with regard to gambling.  As I was browsing the Net earlier, I read about a person who  learned – the hard way – that gambling can be destructive.  Here is a snippet of the story, courtesy of Casino Gambling […]

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