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Top Baseball Betting Tips

The World Series is currently underway and I am sure that you have already been making bets.  In fact, there is some sort of controversy surrounding Game 5, wherein some bettors have been experiencing losses due to the different rules.  But I am not going to dwell on that.  Instead, let me share some of […]

Betting On Golf Gets Korean Men In Trouble

Here’s a story to lighten your day. Several men in South Korea have been found guilty of gambling in the form of playing golf for money. The Korea Times has this story: A court has ruled that playing golf for money is a form of gambling. The Supreme Court Monday upheld an appellate court’s ruling […]

Is There A Difference Between Gambling And Sportsbetting?

I have not really thought about this question – until now, that is.  I was reading some general articles on gambling when I ran across one titled “The Difference Between Gambling and Sports Betting.”  In my mind, I was thinking “Is there really a difference?”  The article emphasizes this point: There is a difference in […]

Kentucky Gamblers Unhappy Campers?

       Ernie Fletcher – Governor of Kentucky Day in and day out we hear about states limiting gambling activities.  In Kentucky, however, they are lucky enough to have a governor who is actually a proponent of expanded gambling – or are they?  This article at Casino Gambling Web tells us why the people of Kentucky are […]

Goodbye Frank Rosenthal

Who is Frank Rosenthal?  I am sure that a lot of you recognize his name.  For those who do not, he is the “real deal.”  Nicknamed Lefty, he was immersed in the casino world for as long as anyone can remember.  Monday of this week, however, he parted from this world due to a heart […]

Gambling Ads Banned In The UK

This news story goes to show just how sensitive the issue of gambling still is.  I actually thought that more and more people are seeing the lighter side of gambling and not seeing it as being inherently evil.  From what I read, though, it seems that the “taint” has not been totally removed. So what […]

Video Poker Tips

So you like playing video poker? Who doesn’t? Let me ask you though, how many times have you won?  If you are hesitating on answering that question, let me share some tips with you.  These tips just might help you win more in video poker. Tip #1:  Know your machine Video poker machines are made […]

Top 2 Sports Betting Tips

Are you a sports betting junkie? Well you are not alone! Lots of people who love sports engage in sports betting activities. After all, what better way to manifest your belief in your favorite team than to put your money on them? A more difficult question, perhaps, is this: “Do you know your way around […]

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