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Don’t Drink And Gamble

We all know that line “don’t drink and drive.” That’s something that every person should know and practice.  But have you ever drunk and gambled?  I bet the results were almost as disastrous as if you had driven while intoxicated.  If there is another maxim that you should live by, it this: don’t drink and […]

Sex Education To Lessen Gambling?

Where’s the connection? That question forcefully came to mind as I read the opening lines of an article published by Online Casino Report. Apparently, a couple of writers have expressed their thoughts on youth gambling and they have linked the tendency to do so with the lack of sex education as well as parenting skills. […]

Are You A Gambling Virgin? (Part 3)

Photo by Cia L As promised, here is the last installment of this series for gambling virgins. I am actually hoping that at this point, you are a gambling virgin no more. In any case, whether you have not gambled before or you have had some experience, these tips can still help you out while […]

Are You A Gambling Virgin? (Part 2)

  So you have learned to set aside a specific amount of money that you can afford to lose in your gambling activities. You have also learned NOT to chase your losses. Are there any other tips for the gambling virgin that you are? Well, read on to find out. Keep your cool. Be calm […]

Are You A Gambling Virgin?

It is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, some people consider gambling a vice and if you have held out this long, then from some people’s point of view, you did pretty well. Then again, I am a firm believer of the idea that gambling is not inherently evil so if you have decided […]

Pensioners Lose Money In Gambling Activities

This is why gambling gets a bad name.  When negative things happen in relation to gambling, the media seems to have a heyday.  They will not hold back from reporting things and even sensationalizing events.  Like the situation in Australia. Based on a report conducted by the University of Queensland’s Social Research Centre: MORE than […]

Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Match Is On!

Boxing sports bettors, be ready for the match of the century!  Some time ago, rumors about a fight between Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and Oscar dela Hoya of Mexico began to circulate.  The hopes of countless fans were crushed, however, when the talks reached a standstill because of disagreement over the division of the […]

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