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NBA Ref Gets 15 Months

Remember Tim Donaghy, the referee from the NBA who was involved in a gambling scandal?  The whole incident threw the sporting sector into a frenzy as potential gambling incidents came into focus.  A few months after that though, the news faded into the background. As such, I was then a bit surprised when I saw […]

Annoying Gamblers

I was reading through a gambling web site which features amusing lists.  One list I found was titled “Types of Guys Who Annoy You at the Casino.”  Let’s have a laugh together. Depressing drunk guy Ahuh – I gamble not because I want to be depressed but because I want to feel the thrill of […]

Who is Barney Frank?

To be honest, I knew zilch about Barney Frank before I ran across an article at Online Casino Reports featuring him. The tagline of the article was “Barney Frank is the Democratic congressman from Newton, Massachusetts. He is not a gambler and says he’s never played a slot machine, been inside a casino or gambled […]

Is Gambling a Sin?

I suppose the answer would depend on the person you are posing the question to.  If you ask this question of a moralist, then the answer would be a resounding yes.  If, however, you ask this question of some Washington politicians, then their answer would be something totally different. Ever since I could remember, people […]

Online Bingo

Online Bingo Why are thousands of Brits getting online and playing bingo – because it’s the coolest way to have a social life without credit crunching expense. Check it out and get gaming without spending a penny………. Bingo – the ultimate in gaming simplicity! It’s not surprising bingo’s always been the world’s most popular and […]

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