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PartyGaming facing loss

The four founder members of leading online gaming company PartyGaming are facing a big challenge right now as they have seen £1.8 billion erased off the value of their total holdings ever since the new broke last weekend that the US Congress has already approved the new Internet Gambling bill.The company’s biggest shareholder Anurag Dikshit […]

New gambling law affects Partygaming

The recently enacted law that seeks to ban internet gambling in the United States has created some very strong waves in the online gambling industry. So strong in fact that it has forced PartyGaming to cancel its interim dividend to its stockholders and forcing it to enter into discussions with banks over new arrangements for […]

Aruba hosts Ultimate Blackjack Tour

The island of Aruba has had its share of bad publicity lately because of the still unsolved disappearance of American teener Natalee Holloway who was vacationing in the island when she disappeared. The island has now been very battered with negative publicity that could really tarnish its reputation among tourists all over the world. Fortunately, […]

Online gaming at a crossroads

With the US Congress recently approving an Internet Gambling bill that would effectively make it illegal to make online gaming card transactions, it looks like the future of online gaming, at least in the United States, is becoming bleak. This new law will most likely be the main topic of discussion among the attendees to […]

The Ultimate Gambling Moments

What is the ultimate gambling moment? When you WIN, of course!! There is just nothing like that feeling of winning. You feel like you can do anything. Pure ecstasy. But what about when you lose? We can’t all be 007, pulling out a 9 against Blofeld every single time. This is an important moment as […]

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