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Stars featured in magazine

Two very prominent names in the world of poker are some of the attractions being featured in the latest issue of magazine.The celebrities, Eric Bana and Erica Schoenberg (who is also known as the Poker Princess) are being feature in the September/October edition of magazine. The new issue will also feature a look […]

Online casino closes shop

The increased crackdown of the US government on online gambling companies – including arrests on the high profile heads and CEOs of these companies when they land on US soil, has actually resulted in companies getting scared off operating online gambling sites – which could be the objective of the US government all along.One of […]

New Sportingbet head eyes the US

Gambling and online casino observers know that there has recently been a firm crackdown on online gambling in the United States. The efforts are actually quite strong in that it has resulted in the arrest of some of the top officials of these online gambling and online casino companies. This has actually led to most […]

Sportingbet Chair resigns

Last week the chairman of Sportingbet Peter Dicks was arrested at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York. The repercussions of his arrest has now led Dicks to announce that he has resigned from his non executive post a few minutes before a scheduled court hearing in New York City that approved his release […]

Pamela Anderson fueled by online poker success

Pamela Anderson, whether her detractors like it or not, is a global brand. Anyone who hears her name would know exactly who she is and what she represents. Hers is an image that is all about sultriness, sex and attraction. Her name alone is enough to ensure that any of her endeavors or ventures will […]

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