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New online casino goes live

The world’s biggest online casino software provider Microgaming has recently announced that it has launched a new online casino that offers a collection of over 250 games.For the past couple of years there had been only a few Microgaming licensed casinos in operation and it looks like the launch of the Grand Monaco casino is […]

Proposed internet gambling bill faces delay in Senate

Two aides for Republican politicians have indicated that they foresee that the proposed internet gambling bill is not likely to get a United States Senate passage before senators begin a recess that will last for a whole month beginning the fourth of August.The proposed internet gambling bill was not considered as one of the priorities […]

Online casino gets certification

One of the oldest online casinos and online poker operators in the industry, the Peak Entertainment Group, recently received full certification for its online casinos and poker rooms from Online Gambling Insider – an independent gambling portal and newswire.The Peak Entertainment Group was founded in 1997 when it decided to go into the online business […]

New online casino to tap Asian market

Online gambling as a recreational pastime is getting bigger and bigger. More and more people from all over the world are realizing how convenient it is to gamble online. For many people it is similar to actually having your very own casino in your own home. Whenever you want to play a few games, you […]

Atlantic City Casino shutdown brings customers online

It is a known fact that brick and mortar casinos are still the more popular venues for gambling all over the world. It is traditionally where people go to when they want to gamble and have fun and of course, it is hard to break tradition. Even though online casinos and online gambling sites are […]

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